Rumor: Ready for Thomas — Wolf Hall and the White House

“Master Cromwell, your reputation is bad,” a red-bearded King Henry VIII tells the protagonist of PBS’s new Tudor-era series, Wolf Hall. Cromwell, sullen and overdressed in a sunlit hedge garden, lowers his chin, prompting the king’s bemusement.

“Your majesty can form your own opinion,” Cromwell replies. By the next episode, he’s been elected to the king’s privy counsel. Continue reading


Rumor: Good Kid, M.A.A.D Cité: Georgio in Twenty-First-Century Paris

It’s of some interest to watch new music videos released in 2015 by the French rapper Booba if only to be sobered by their backwardness. The Rolls Royce-driving, Yankees-cap-wearing, 2000s-rap-troping Booba—a cultural annex of the US and of questionable originality—is arguably the most recognizable name in current French hip-hop. Sometimes he raps about how other rappers have fewer twitter followers than he. And he garners upwards of 2 million views on every stacks-and-sportscar-intensive video he puts out. Continue reading

Rumor: Spin-off Jimmy

Tired-looking women in sleek ponytails and dirty polo shirts wipe a speckled counter, elbows rigid and rags dry. The camera focuses on bright frosting in swirls—up close, constellation-like—Cinnabons spinning on silver trays. In the background, 1940’s-style swing music plays.

The whole scene runs in black-and-white, but it’s not a flashback. It’s a flash-forward, a glimpse of Saul’s fall and a reference to the Breaking Bad quip: “If I’m lucky, best case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.”

Continue reading