Origin: W. James Wood

Josef Koudelka, Lisbon, 1975. Image courtesy of robinlam.wordpress.com

In our fourth installation of Origin supplements, Warner James Wood reads and discusses his feature “In Transit.” You can read the work in print in the Harvard Advocate’s winter issue.

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Snippets of:

1. No Place to Go, Howlin’ Wolf

2. Trav’lin’ Light, Billie Holiday


Envoy: Winning

Mamma Jean’s home is an apartment in the city. The apartment is in a high rise of rental condominiums overlooking the beach, two blocks from a retirement community. She bought it when her husband died, years ago, as a big fuck you to widowhood and college students on spring break. The furniture is sparse; a stationary bike fills the space where a couch would sit. The TV loops continuously with 1950s Olympic cycling.

It’s the place I go when I need to go some place else.

I spent summers there once I was old enough to clean up after myself. Between her morning cycling and her evening cycling, she’d load me into her PT Cruiser and play taxi. “Play” is the term I used. The term she used was “moonlight.” She’d park on the corner of the bus stop near the local college and wait for disappointed summer-school girls, away from home and unaccustomed to public transportation, left behind by the 36 to Ocean Terminal.

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Envoy: Morocco

By Molly Dektar ’12