The Harvard Advocate, founded in 1866, is the oldest continuously published collegiate literary magazine in the country. Over its past 146 years, it can count T.S. Eliot, Conrad Aiken, and Norman Mailer among its members and e.e. cummings, Jack Keroauc, and Tom Wolfe as contributors to its pages. A quarterly magazine, its mission is to publish the best art, fiction, poetry, and prose that the Harvard undergraduate community offers.

The Advocate Blog Staff
Faye Yan Zhang
Lucas Quatrecasas
Maia Silber
Edith Enright
Matt Krane
Brendan Bozorgmir
Caleb Lewis
Garrett Allen
Rachael Smith
Luke Fieweger

Executive Board
President, Kiara Barrow
Publisher, Colton Valentine
Art Editor, Yunhan Xu
Poetry Editor, Robbie Eginton
Fiction Editor, Emma Adler
Features Editor, Sam Reynolds
Technology Editor, Jenny Gao
Business Manager, Hayden Betts
Design Editors, Simone Hasselmo and Connor Cook
Blog Editor, Faye Yan Zhang
Hermes, Yuqi Hou
Pegasi, Lily Scherlis, Jake Seaton, Henry Shah
Dionysi, Alice Ju and Jack Kleinman
Circulation and Publicity, Edith Enright and Luke Fieweger
Librarian, Harry Choi
Communicorn, Caleb Lewis
Hestia, Eli Lee



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