Distortion: The Art of Error

IMG_0453 copyGarrett Allen, Glitch One. 2015

The word glitch supposedly comes from the german word “glitschen”, which means “to slip”. A digital art movement has been started that explores the aesthetic of digital error or failure. I have been incredibly fascinated by this type of art and this movement and have attempted to teach myself the many different techniques. This is my exploration.

These images were made using a basic hex editor. A hex editor allows one to access (and change) the rudimentary information of a digital file, in this case a JPEG image. By manipulating the binary information of that make up these files, through deletion, addition, find and replacing, and shifting, one can start to “corrupt” the original image, creating a type of glitch art.

IMG_0448 1 (1)Garrett Allen, Glitch Tryptich. 2015

 By Garrett Allen ’17


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